Best photo printer reviews

Best Photo Printers 2014


If you’re tired of searching for the right photo printer for your work or just for personal use, why not check out these photo printer reviews 2014.

If one of your hobbies is photography and you would want to make instant prints of your photos, a good idea would be to invest in a reliable photo printer. The market offers a wide variety of solutions and based on their features we’ve selected the best ones. Our list includes both portable and fully-sized models to cover all your needs.


What features you need to keep in mind when buying a new photo printer:

  • Size (some people opt for smaller portable models and others for large professional printers, depending on their needs)
  • Photo dimensions (invest in a printer which prints photos to the dimensions you require)
  • Dedicated photo printers if you are novice when it comes to photography
  • Near-dedicated models if you have a large amount of experience in the field of photography
  • The cost per photo of the model you are interested in (this options doesn’t apply for non-dedicated printers)
  • Connection options (make sure you can connect easily to other devices via USB or even Wi-Fi for more expensive models)


These are the most appreciated models:


Photo Sizes
Our rating
Best Price on:
Canon Pixma iP4000
Cannon Pixma iP4000 Review
4" x 6"$$$$A+AMAZON
HP Photosmart 8750
HP Photosmart 8750 review
13'' x 19''$$$$$B+AMAZON
Epson PictureMate Show Photo Printer
From .3" x .3" up to 4" x 6"$$AAMAZON
Canon Pixma MG8120
Canon Pixma MG8120 review
4" x 6"$$$BAMAZON
Epson PictureMate Charm Photo Printer
4" x 6"$$BAMAZON
Canon Selphy CP780
Canon Selphy CP780 review
4" x 6"$$B+AMAZON


Epson PictureMate Show Photo Printer


Ever imagined a digital picture frame and a compact photo printer into just one product?  The Epson PictureMate Show is a 2-in-1 product—a digital picture frame (7-inch WVGA 800-by-480) and a compact photo printer.  With an overall size of  6.3 by 9 by 7.5 inches (HWD), the PictureMate Show is able to print directly from its USB memory keys —270 MB internal memory for storing hundreds of photos to show and print, and, of course, display in the picture frame.  Having similar optional rechargeable battery and Bluetooth adapter, the Show, once set up physically is able to print from a memory card, PictBridge camera, USB memory key, or the printer’s own memory. Because of all these amazing features this is considered to be the best photo printer 2014.

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Epson PictureMate Charm Photo Printer


Tremendously charming, better-looking, higher-quality picture printouts, the Epson PictureMate Charm  is indeed a charming and fun printer capable of printing 4 by 6 inches photos. Much like a portable photo lab, it boasts of its fast speed, low cost per page, and high-quality prints that are both rugged and long-lived puts the Charm ahead of the pack of competitors, and earns for itself a spot as Editors’ Choice for 4- by 6-inch dedicated photo printers.

Similar to other previous Epson PictureMate, it comes with a lunch pail design and essentially 5.7- by 9.1- by 6.7-inch (HWD), white box with a handle for easy carry. An optional rechargeable battery is available so one can print even without a power cord. Other options include a Bluetooth adapter that allows one to print from your mobile phones and other Bluetooth devices.

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Canon Selphy CP780


Canon Selphy CP780 review

If in case you are already growing tired of looking for the best photo printer 2014, this Canon Selphy CP780 review will provide you with more insights on how this model can be given consideration as one of the best options. After reading this review, and consulting others as well, if preferred, you can make a well-informed decision as to whether or not it is a good choice.

This compact standalone printer prides itself for being fun and easy to operate, making it perfect especially for kids who lack the technical knowledge which would have been required if in case a different kind of printer is used. With or without a computer, you can print high quality outputs that are sure to result into the highest level of satisfaction from the use of this machine. The printer already comes with a 2.5-inch LCD that will not just allow you to preview the photo before printing, but will also give you the opportunity to have it edited, depending on how you would want the picture to come out.

Many Canon Selphy CP780 customer reports have highlighted that one of the benefits of using this photo printer is that it has the ability to print outputs that will last for a long time. In fact, it can last up to a century. The photos that are printed are water-resistant, which means that they can resist liquid elements and can give you an assurance that the photo prints will not be distorted or damaged once it is wet.

In addition, this Canon Selphy CP780 review also highlights the fact that the printer has the ability to operate and deliver optimum performance, even if it is not attached to a computer, as it has been earlier mentioned. This means that that even through the use of memory cards, or even Bluetooth, you can print the images that you want.

It is important to note that although this printer is good, it lacks elaborate functions that can be found in other products. It only has the basic functions, such as when it comes to editing the pictures before they are printed. Some of its basic editing functions include red-eye removal, page layout, and selection of color tones. If you are looking for more advanced editing options, the hardware and software of this printer do not have the ability to do so. You might as well consider purchasing a different model, if that is the case.

In sum, this printer is ideal for those who are seeking for the basic functions only. Nonetheless, with these simple capabilities, the printer will deliver excellent performance, especially in terms of output, as it has also been highlighted in many Canon Selphy CP780 customer reports.

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Canon Pixma iP4000


Cannon Pixma iP4000 ReviewSome quality family moments just need to be captured on camera, so they are remembered like they were through time. And just so you are comfortable, a good photo printer at home can do wonders. Modern technology has advanced and there is no need for you to go and develop photos in specialized places, you can do it from the comfort of your own home by the push of a button. Cannon has come to aid you in this matter, through the Pixma iP4000.

For its design Cannon has opted for a rectangular bread-box look, with the top input guide and the front output tray being able to fold back into the body giving it an even and smooth look. Personally I don`t find the look breath-taking, but I can`t help liking it a bit. For connecting to your laptop or Mac there is an USB 2.0 port. The installation is easy and doesn`t present any difficulties, like most other Cannon products. Also some very nice photo applications are included: Easy-WebPrint, Easy-PhotoPrint and PhotoRecorder. It develops pictures from every Canon or PictBridge compatible cameras.

May I remind you this is an inkjet four-color printer. So the colors are: dye-based cyan, magenta, yellow and black. A very interesting feature about it is the possibility of you replacing the cartridges individually, saving you money most of all. Now you don`t have to throw out the whole set when a color is finished, you just replace that particular one. The Canon Pixma iP4000 customer reportsabsolutely love this feature.

Now let`s get on to the actual printing performance. For black and white documents the printing is ok, keeping in mind that this is a photo printer above all. The letters look uniform and only the very trained eye belonging to a professional can detect the feathering around the edges and the text blips. For combined text and graphic documents, set at high quality the final produce is almost flawless. The actual photo quality is very good and only minor defects could be detected, like some small dots. All in all, the all the documents printed were of good quality. The Canon Pixma iP4000 customer reports consider this to be one of the best photo printers 2014.

But what sets the Canon Pixma iP4000 apart from other photo printers is its speed. It can print 6.69 text documents per minute and a staggering 1.82, 8×10 photos per minute. Some impressive numbers that are above the rest. The Canon Pixma iP4000 review recommends this item to whoever is interested in buying it. It has good qualities, not astonishing, it is easy to install, affordable and produces very good prints. Of course it has its weaknesses but it is very useful when coming to its main job, printing photos.

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Canon Pixma MG8120


 Canon Pixma MG8120 reviewAs we all know, Canon is a leading brand when it comes to printers. They make excellent ones when it comes to quality and speed. The Canon Pixma MG8120 All-in-One Printer is one such creation that excels in some departments. It is conceived like an All-in-One printer but it comes closer more to the function of a photo printer.

The first striking feature about it is the very modern and stylish design. The edges are round, a low-profile design and covered in a black glossy color. The new generation Canon printers have the ability for the output tray and the rear paper-input to fold in, making the overlook that much uniform when it is not in use.


The output tray even opens automatically if you forget to put it back in its working position when you start printing. There is a 3.5 inch LCD that has three selection buttons and five-way circular buttons, making the interface look simply brilliant. The Canon Pixma MG8120 customer reports appreciated very much the superb design.

The installation process is very simple as you would expect. First you install the print head and then the inkjet cartridges. The printer has in total six cartridges: one pigment-black for text documents and other five dye-based one for photos and graphics. You can connect to your PC either by USB 2.0 or by network. A minus is the paper-tray`s capacity, just 50 sheets of paper, which is a very low one. There are also three memory-card slots and an extra USB port for the correspondent flash drives.

One very nice feature is the FilmGuide that permits scanning 35mm slides and film strips. However they don`t have the same quality of a normal photo scan, but it is a neat feature nonetheless. The print quality is excellent especially for photos. While text documents are good, the pictures look really lively and smooth. They don`t have any dots or imperfections that can alter the pictures quality. With glossy photo paper the results rival those of professional photo shops. The Canon Pixma MG8120 customer reports have pointed out that even though it is an All-in-One printer, it fulfils much better the role of a photo printer than a text one.

To better strengthen this opinion that I share too, I will present the different speeds in which it prints simple text documents and photos. For text documents and mixed text and graphics ones the speed is below average. When we switch to print photo speed it is way above average, being able to print an 8.5×11 photo in 1:02 minutes. The Canon Pixma MG8120 review recommends this printer for your home or small office, if you are looking for one that has better photo performances than text. I wouldn`t acquire it if you are looking for multitasking.

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HP Photosmart 8750


 HP Photosmart 8750 reviewThe Photosmart 8750 is the new midrange priced photo printer from HP. It comes armed with the all-new HP 101 Blue Photo Inkjet Printer Cartridge, which allows for 9 ink color printouts which provide noticeable enhancements in photos with deep blues, including seascapes, sports photos and landscapes. This HP printer model offers hue management controls as well as outstanding printer flexibility in order to generate realistic color and authentic black-&-white pictures with neutral grays. Learn more about the product in this HP Photosmart 8750 review.

The HP Photosmart 8750 photo printer is meant for photo buffs that want a high quality printer capable of high class, long lasting photo prints of up to 13”x19” in size. This printer used in conjunction with HP Vivera Inks as well as HP Premium Plus picture papers can provide you with superior quality photos resistant to fading, lasting more than a hundred years under glass display and over 200 years when in archive – one of the many key factors responsible for the high HP Photosmart 8750 ratings.

You can connect this printer to your computer via the USB port with the HP Image Zone (software included upon purchase) or any other photo viewing or editing software. It is possible for you to directly print photos from your Microdrives or digicam flash memory card using the four integrated memory card slots of the printer. Directly printing photos from a PictBridge-compatible cam is also possible, with the use of the USB download wire of the camera and the USB port of the printer. You can find the HP Photosmart 8750 for sale, practically anywhere, from online to offline.

This printer from HP is also network ready and can be directly connected to an Ethernet LAN switch, router or hub and used by other PCs. Further, with the HP bt300 Bluetooth Printing Adapter (sold separately) you can print photos from your Bluetooth-enabled phone, camera, laptop, PDA or any other Bluetooth capable device wirelessly. Note that there are a variety of stores that offer the HP Photosmart 8750 discounted in price.


Product Features:


–      High quality photo printing with approximately 4800-optimized dpi, plus 9 ink color photo printing

–      photo Gray printer ink cartridge gives splendidly saturated black & white photos

–      2 front loading print paper paths as well as a straight through rear paper path

–      Print borderless pictures of up to 13”x19” and panoramas

–      Direct printing capability from Microdrives, Memory Stick, CompactFlash cards, xD Picture Cards or Secure Digital/MMC

–      Direct printing from PictBridge-enabled cameras

–      Optional black printer ink cartridge to provide quicker, clearer black text for typical printing tasks

–      Ethernet network capability

–      Optional HP bt300 Bluetooth Print Adapter for printing wirelessly from laptops, camera phones, PDAs, etc.

–      Transfer image files to PC using the memory card slots, functions similarly to a fast speed 2.0 USB card reader

–      High class photo reproduction using the color layer technology of PhotoRet Pro, an HP exclusive

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Polaroid CZA-10011 POGO Instant Mobile Printer


best polaroid photo printer reviewIf you are a photo enthusist and you want to print some great picures fast and on the spot, a good option might be the Polaroid CZA-10011 POGO Instant Mobile Printer. A small device that can produce instant pics to immortalize great memories or sceneries. The Best Polaroid Photo Printer ratings are very good because of the great performances and the advantages that it offers. You easily connect it to your camera or cell phone and in no time you have your picture.

This wonderful machine is available to you for a very affordable price, the Best Polaroid Photo Printer deals are between 120$ and 150$. The pictures that come out of the Polaroid CZA-10011 are extremely clear and accurate. It is powered by an 7.2V rechargeable lithium-ion battery. You can print up to 15 photos per one charge. With qualities like this if you are able to find the Best Polaroid Photo Printer for sale than you should go for it without thinking twice. Another great thing about the pictures is their ability to be fade-resistant so you can enjoy them for a very long period of time. The small size makes it ideal for having it always on you. It weighs almost nothing, just 8 ounces, without the paper inside it.

You don`t have to wait too much for the picture to get printed, after you have entered the command to print, 60 seconds pass and you get the result. Other great qualities for the prints which are made by the Polaroid CZA-10011 POGO are: tear-proof, water-resistant and smuge proof. The photo paper that is recommended to use for this mobile printer is the Kodak ZINK because the results look best on it. If you make a photo just send it via Bluetooth wireless and in one minute you will have it in your hand.

This little device no bigger than a mobile phone is extremely useful giving you a lot of advantages at a very accesable price. These qulities prove that the great ratings are correct when describing this wonderful pocket-sized mobile printer.

The small but effective Polaroid CZA-10011 POGO is a consumer favorite and manages to prove that size doesn`t matter in all cases. Coming at a very low price it should be in your pocket if you are looking for a photo printer like this.

The Best Polaroid Photo Printer review recommends this tiny device because of the advantages it offers. I couldn`t find any disadvantages and I think that it fulfils every requirement for this type of printer. If you really are intrested and are looking to buy it, the Best Polaroid Photo Printer discounted would be a perfect case scenario, wouldn`t you say?!

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HP PhotoSmart 6250 All-In-One


Best HP photo printer reviewIf you need a color printer for your photos than look no further, the HP PhotoSmart 6250 All-In-One is the one for you. And it is not just a photo printer it can do even more than just this. It is compact, comes with good features and has an affordable price which make it a good investment for you to use at home. The Best HP Photo Printer review will show why it should be bought or not, what are its strong points and weaknesses.

First of all the design is very slick and compact, so it doesn`t take up much room, coming in a black color. While not the best at anything it has an well balanced performance even if it is a photo printer. Except great quality photos it can print text documents, black and white and colored also, scan and have quick acces to different web contents. You set it through the touch screen controls that are easy to use. Installing it on your computer is again very easy and doesn`t require any difficult steps, you just insert the CD with its software and install it quickly after a few clicks. The Best HP Photo Printer deals are very affordable, starting at 120$ and going towards 150$. And it can even get lower if you find the Best HP Photo Printers reviews on some online site or in a specialized store.

It has standard built in WiFi so you can control it easier from your PC. It is capable of decent performances when it comes to printing simple black and white text documents, managing 22 ppm. But the photo printing speed is above avarage doing one photo in just over 22 seconds, much better than some rivals.

The input tray has a maximum load of 80 sheets and 20 sheets for the photo tray. The photo print quality is very good, the maximum one being 4800 x 1200 dpi giving the picture a great look and having no defects. Having so many good qualities at such a low price there is no wonder why the Best HP Photo Printer ratings are so good.

Another great feature is the automatic 2 side printing so you are able to save paper and save some trees in the process too. This is a great printer for your home that gives you very nice photos of great quality to put in a frame and have them decorate your house. It has decent other performances, printing black and white documents and being a good scanner too. All of these come at an affordable price, no wonder why many customers rate this as one of the top photo printers 2014.

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Canon Selphy ES40 Photo Printer


One of the most noticeable and particularly useful features of the Selphy ES40 is the spoken words that will guide you through the Creative menus, with a fun factor for some people.  Aiding the voice instructions (which can be turned on or off) coming from the printer is the user-friendly LCD screen. Similar in many ways to the Selphy ES3 with the memory removed, the Selphy ES40 lets you store up to 999 photos in the printer and produces water- and scratch-resistant photos.

Though relatively robust and heavy (4.8 pounds) for a thermal dye-based photo printer, Selphy ES40’s dimensions of 8.9 by 8.9 by 5.4 inches (HWD) put it in the same size and weight class as its inkjet-based competition, like the PictureMate Dash,  and still small and light enough to bring along with a built-in handle for easy carrying.

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Dell Wasabi PZ310 Mobile Photo Printer


If you miss your old Polaroid film-based instant-photo camera, you can recapture much the same experience with Dell’s Wasabi PZ310 Mobile Photo Printer. Being second in the U.S. to employ the vaunted ZINK technology, the Wasabi PZ310 Mobile Photo Printer is indeed a hot product. It is highly portable and capable of producing photos that are water- and scratch-resistant, as well as a peel-off back turning photos into stickers. You can share snapshots easily and fast—right on-the-spot.

Similar in many ways to the popular PictureMate Dash, both printers offer the same two ways to print, from a PictBridge camera by cable or from a cell phone or other Bluetooth device; both are limited to 2-by-3-inch photos; and both are small enough to carry with you, so you can take a photo, print it, and have the picture in hand immediately.

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Canon I-9900


 Canon I-9900 reviewWhat sets apart the Canon I-9900 from the other photo printers which are currently sold these days? Does it have any special features or specifications? Are there advanced technologies embedded onto it that made it extremely popular? You will get the answers to all that in this Canon I-9900 review.

The I-9900 photo printer from Canon has been receiving many positive user reviews due to the addition of two extra colors in its printer color palette. Picture printers normally have base colors on their color palette, but with the I-9900, the ink colors red and green have been included onto the palette; thus allowing it to print a photo with more vivid color. Certainly, the high Canon I-9900 ratings and praises are really justifiable.

When you begin to look for a Canon I-9900 for sale, you will find out that this printer is a bit more expensive as compared to the other printers in its category; however, it is definitely worth every penny! Here are some of the strong features of the Canon I-9900 photo printer;


–      Although the I-9900 sprays two picoliters (with one picoliter or less being more desirable to be more expeditious and cost effective), it is still deemed highly economical and cost efficient, considering the fact that there are not that many printers out there that can reach even the two picoliter mark.

–      This printer from Canon has a remarkable as well as incomparable printing speed. The capacity to accomplish superior quality production in just 61 seconds is significantly impressive and absolutely extraordinary. This is true in printing high graphics as well as business applications and is going to be much faster when you are only printing texts!

–      When it comes to the mechanical aspect, the Canon I-9900 is both comfortable and easy to use. It can accommodate 13”x19” printouts and can greatly print in such size iron on, which is truly a feat!

–      This photo printer is well able to handle different peripheral devices as well as attachments like USB due to the different slots in which this device has. With this, it is very much possible for you to connect as well as run other devices.


The ink usage of the Canon I-9900 has been examined and reviewed by a widely acknowledged standards organization (Rochester Institute of Technology) and the results of such test showed an impressive 3 cents/page cost for standard black printer ink, which is considered significantly below the standard rates. This test from such prestigious organization is what actually helped boost the ratings of the Canon I-9900 to unequaled heights.

So, in case you are planning to purchase a brand new photo printing device, either for your office or at home, then the I-9900 from Canon should definitely be on the top of your list. There are many online retailers that offer Canon I-9900 deals, while others Canon I-9900 discounted when it comes to price. However, before you go and hit that purchase button, make it certain first that you are dealing with a reputable supplier, so as to avoid any unnecessary problems later on.